This page is for articles and research papers that I have written and that have made it to publication. The articles are intended as a resource and to provide a stimulus for discussion around the development of the discipline.

23/3/19: The Culture Effect – A Perspective on Leadership Environments and the Psychology of Performance – a presentation to the AFLPA June 2018

8/4/13:   – Executive Presence research report – (supported by AHRI)

25/3/13: ICF Conference – summary slides   – overview of outcomes from AHRI studies on exceptional coaching

20/5/11: Interviews with Coached Executives – Study 3 Summary  – (supported by AHRI)

10/11/10: Interviews with Exceptional Coaches – Study 2 Summary – (supported by AHRI)

25/10/09: Exceptional Coaching – Study 1 Results – (supported by AHRI)

1/4/o9: Executive Coaching User Guide – written for the AHRI website and based on the results of the 2006 study.

20/3/09: Executive Coaching – Outcomes and Success Predictors (2006)

20/3/09: Teamworks – HR Monthly 2007

20/3/09: Understanding ROI – HR Monthly 2007

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